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Identität (2005)

Zeichnung Ausweis

According to the identity card of the Federal Republic of Germany (Personalausweis), I only require for an identity a surname, one or several first names, a date and place of birth, a nationality, an address, some height, colour of eyes, religious name or pseudonym if any, number of identity card and signature of bearer.
These data can be read from the identity card and from the attached photo.

The questioning

I had prepared a questionnaire with a photograph of myself and asked the people to give me my “real” identity. This action I carried out on 11 variant places in Mannheim and Ludwigshafen.

The evaluation of the questionnaires

The resulting identities I have put into an Excel table. In a second table I arranged these data, e.g. in one column all first names in alphabetical order, in a second column all surnames etc.
The most used names have been marked. They result in the core identity (e.g. 20 Annas, who were born 17 times in 1976 and 25 times in Bonn).

(Does my name fit? What does the man at the passcontrol see in my identity card?)

Zeichnung Straßenstand Text Frage

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