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Sophie spinnt... (2007)

zeichnung container

one Artproject at the district Jungbusch to the anniversary year of Mannheim.

Sophie spinnt... (translation: Sophie spins or Sophie is nuts) it´s a pun

Sophie spins...

Sophie is sitting in her
container full of wool
and spinning.

Every day she comes
at 2 p.m.
to her place.
She wears a white dress
and begins to work.

She would be glad
if people came,
told her a story,
read out,

Sunday is Sophie’s day off.

The project starts
on March 17
and lasts as long
as it lasts…

text woolf

Sophie spins…
A project within the scope of the Kulturcontainerstadt (Culture Container Town) on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the city of Mannheim.

I sat in my container every day from March 17 to September 26, spinning wool, except on Sundays.
There were many nice encounters and exciting conversations with passers-by about which I don’t talk, but learned a lot from. It was a good time. A project in the district Jungbusch, Mannheim.

During my time in the container I kept a diary on the daily temperatures. (Containertemperaturesdiary).

Concept for the end of the project