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Vermessen (2008)

Vermessen (translation: Measured or presumptuos) it is again a pun


An installation by Sophie Sanitvongs
in the art gallery theuer+scherr.
True to scale.
Willing actors material at the Long Night of the Museums:
Gerburg Maria Müller, Patrick Mueller, Celia Endlicher.
Doktor Standby.

Do you lack drive, joy or happiness..?
Come on, we will see what we can do.
Ms. Sanitvongs e.g. last year stopped spinning. With a raft to new shores…
You don’t have to hoof it, always.

vermessen balken

The happening “Measured” took place in the rooms of theuer+scherr in Mannheim at the Long Night of the Museums.
In this installation actors were moving around asking presumptuous questions to one another and to one or the other visitor, making suggestions or reproaching them. Ms. Sanitvongs fried garlic and shrimps. Champagne was served.

The installation “Measured” was also shown in the exhibition Lionsart 2008 in the Kunstverein Mannheim.